Do I need a referral to have a sleep study?2021-03-29T18:54:28-04:00

You need to have a physician’s order for a sleep study, much like a prescription for medication. A referral may be needed if your insurance is an HMO type policy. Please check with the Customer Service phone number on your insurance card.

Will this be covered by my insurance?2021-03-19T20:57:04-04:00

In most cases, yes, although you may be responsible for a co-pay. Questions about coverage of your particular policy should be directed to the Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card.

What do I need to bring with me?2021-03-19T20:57:38-04:00

Please bring your completed patient questionaire, any normal bedtime medications, and comfortable sleeping attire.

Do I need to take my medications?2020-11-12T22:15:44-05:00

Unless instructed differently by your physician, please take all normal medications, in the normal dosage, at the normal times as you do every day.

Can I bring my pillow?2021-03-29T19:11:15-04:00

No, unless prescribed by your provider. The Sleep Center will supply additional pillows and blankets if required.

What do I wear?2020-11-12T22:16:49-05:00

Comfortable sleeping attire is recommended. T-shirts and gym shorts are what most patients wear for the study.

May I bring my pet or spouse?2021-03-29T19:11:52-04:00

Neither pets nor spouses are allowed at the Sleep Center. We need to get an accurate picture of YOUR uninterrupted sleep. If you need additional assistance due to medical reasons, a guardian may stay to assist the sleep tech throughout the sleep study. If you have a service animal, you may bring them. Please advise scheduler while setting up your appointment.

How long will this take?2021-03-29T19:12:12-04:00

You will need to arrive at the Sleep Center at 8:45 p.m. You will leave no later than 6:00 a.m. the following morning.

Are there any needles?2020-11-12T22:19:16-05:00

There are no needles involved. A sleep study is non-invasive.

How closely are you going to watch me sleep?2021-03-19T21:00:04-04:00

You will have several leads attached to you. This is the most valuable way we “watch” you sleep. There is also an infrared camera in the patient room so we may monitor your position, movements, and need for assistance.

Does it hurt?2021-03-19T21:00:39-04:00

The study itself does not hurt. Occasionally, a patient will have some slight irritation the following day in sites where leads were placed.

Will you give me medications to sleep?2021-03-29T19:12:41-04:00

The technicians at the Sleep Center are not licensed to dispense medications. If your ordering physician has prescribed a specific medication for your sleep study, please fill the prescription prior to arriving at the Sleep Center and you will self-administer your medication prior to the study.

What if I can’t go to sleep?2021-03-19T21:01:24-04:00

Many patients believe they will not be able to fall asleep. If you feel you fall into this category, please discuss it with your ordering physician. He may prescribe a mild sleep aid, which will not affect your study, but will help you fall asleep.

May I drink or eat?2021-03-19T21:02:00-04:00

If you normally have a snack before bedtime, please bring it with you. Remember to avoid caffeinated products. Coffee, water, and a light snack are provided in the morning before your departure.

Are there TVs in the rooms?2021-03-29T19:13:09-04:00

Patient rooms are equipped with televisions and cable. TVs must be turned off by 11:30 p.m.

Are there showers available?2021-03-29T19:13:27-04:00

There are no patient showers in the Sleep Center. However, you may want to go home and shower before going to work after your sleep test.

Will someone be there with me?2021-03-29T19:13:46-04:00

A sleep tech will be in the Sleep Center all night, monitoring patients for the entire night.

How soon will I know if I have sleep apnea?2021-03-19T21:04:03-04:00

Reading physicians receive a “scored” copy of your sleep report within 72 hours. They interpret the results and will forward the completed report to the ordering provider. Please contact your ordering physician’s office for a follow up appointment to review your results with your physician.

If I need a CPAP machine, does LRH Sleep Disorders Center provide one?2021-03-22T18:00:00-04:00

No. The physician who ordered your sleep study will order your CPAP machine. The machine is delivered by Durable Medical Equipment Company, which is not associated with LRH Sleep Disorders Center.

Does insurance cover the cost of a CPAP machine?2021-03-19T21:04:38-04:00

Yes. Insurance covers the cost of your CPAP machine and routine replacement of masks, tubing, and filters. Your co-pay will vary depending on your insurance policy.

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