You may qualify for a lower cost sleep study

We want to help you if you find yourself without health insurance and your sleep problem is not yet part of more complex health problems. If you qualify medically, we may be able to offer a Home Sleep Test (HST) for a cash or credit card price of $197 using the new WatchPAT ONE (HST) unit. Call 863.288.2700 to ask about the details.

No insurance, but you are suspecting that you have Sleep Apnea?

LRH Sleep Disorders Center will be offering patients with no insurance an option to obtain the WatchPAT One inside the Sleep Center for a one-time fee of $197. The patients are required to pay the $197 at time of pickup. Patient will have one week to complete the sleep study once picked up. This is to keep our return of your results in a timely manner. The patient results will be sent over to the ordering provider’s office with seven days of your study being completed.

Picking up WatchPAT ONE at LRH Sleep Disorders Center

Call ahead to schedule your appointment time for pickup. Checking out of equipment can take up to 15 minutes. Picking up you will have a 3-5 minute video to watch on what regarding the process is for the WatchPAT ONE. Patients will be advised to download the application for the WatchPAT prior to leaving the Sleep Center. If checking out in provider’s office the provider will give a detailed letter stating how to use the WatchPAT ONE and 4 digit code for the application. Once payment has been received the providers office will call the Sleep Center with the serial number along with patient information. The WatchPAT ONE then be registered the providers office will give the 4 digit code on the instructions. Once the equipment leaves the patient will have the flexibility to conduct the home sleep study at their convenience. Along with the on-call coordinator WatchPAT ONE also has a contact number for patients to reach out if any complications occur during the sleep study or if they require additional education.


The WatchPAT ONE is the newest home sleep study device to LRH Sleep Disorders Center. We are currently offering this disposable device at selected provider’s office and inside the Sleep Center. An appointment will be required for picking up the device which can take up to 15 minutes in the office. The disposable device makes this a one-time pickup inside your provider’s office or Sleep Center. Patients can do this study when it best fits in your schedule. Patients are required to wear the WatchPAT ONE a minimum of six hours. All sleep studies are request to occur within a week of picking up the home study equipment. Patients with no co-morbid conditions qualify to use the device, please speak to your healthcare provider for further details if you meet criteria for home sleep study.

How WatchPAT ONE Works